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of the nuclear test.nd the icbm on the know, things obama as illustration, it the policy has been seen by chinese as the containment to china. i am wondering will what they should do to increase as a result that view held by the chinese. i think there is a strategic mistrust. what do you think the ninth stage should do to change that -- the united states should do to change that? >> one of the things we can do is focus on economic activity. what on the cornerstone of has led to the dramatic prosperity and increase of wealth creation around the world. if that can bue on trade and protection, the basic issue of the foundation of economic prosperity, i think that is something that resonates. i think that is the way we seeain why it is we want to the reforms. it the reforms we are asking for is we engage with countries around the world. they are reforms that actually benefit the populace in those countries. it is not just that a rising tide was so votes in terms of trade and liberalized markets. it is also the fact that economic reforms that empower to tremendousad opportunities and also more freedom
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1